Session Prep Guide

I have a love for in-home sessions! They hold a special place in my heart as they allow me to capture the newest addition to your family or just your family in general, right in the cozy embrace of your home, surrounded by parents, siblings, and pets. The remarkable transformations that occur in babies during those initial weeks make these sessions even more precious, and I find great joy in preserving those tender moments within the familiar and comforting backdrop of your own home.


The best time for in-home sessions is typically during daylight hours, especially in the morning (commencing between 9 am and 1 pm for the best light and the cheeriest little one!). Recognizing that scheduling within this timeframe may not always be feasible, especially with larger families or siblings, I am committed to accommodating the most convenient time for your family and little one.

Natural lighting for the win!

I have a strong affinity for natural light and delight in capturing your new addition and family bathed in the gentle glow of your home's natural light! We'll be making the most of your home's inherent luminosity, so don't hesitate to open up those windows.

No natural light? No problem!

Should the natural light prove insufficient (and I completely understand, some homes can be quite dim – even my own!), I'll utilize my flash at a minimal power setting, bouncing it off the ceiling to provide just enough light to illuminate your space.


To ensure our session goes smoothly and everyone has a fantastic time with great pictures, here are a few preparations you can make:

For babies:

  • Feed, feed, feed: Attempt to feed your little one shortly before the session time. This ensures that your baby has a satisfied belly and is more likely to be content and cooperative with the photos! If you're interested in capturing feeding or nursing moments, we can certainly do this at the start of the session. So, hold off on feeding your baby until I arrive, and we'll prioritize capturing those special feeding/nursing pictures first!
  • Crank up the heat! I've discovered that babies are much happier in a warm environment. This ensures that your little one is comfortable during any naked or diaper pictures and is less likely to be upset when changing clothes if the house is kept nice and warm.
  • Wondering what to wear? It's entirely your choice! I recommend moms choose their outfits first and then coordinate others' outfits around it. Opt for something comfortable and flowy, allowing freedom for your fresh postpartum body. Adding a light sweater or cardigan over your outfit also works well for photos. As an example, you can see below that a mom chose a floral cardigan paired with a white nursing tank, creating a wonderful and comfortable look as she held her baby on the bed.

For your children:

  • Talk to them! Kids like to feel included. Let them know what to expect during the session and prep them for the day - set expectations!
  • Skip the bribe. Bribing doesn't always work on kids, instead offer them to include their favorite toys/things --- or even pets in the photos to get them excited!

what to wear?

Consider the following tips:

  1. Comfort: Opt for comfortable attire, especially since we'll be on the move during our session. Avoid anything itchy or too tight to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  2. Accessorize: Elevate your style with accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry, blankets, headbands, or suspenders. They add a personal touch to your photos.
  3. Patterns: Experiment with patterns for a lively look. Florals are a favorite, and mixing patterns can add visual interest to your photos.
  4. Textures & Layers: Incorporate layers to add texture and interest. Chunky knits, lace, cords, denim, and tied denim shirts or chunky cardigans are excellent choices to showcase your style.
  5. Color: Choose complementary colors, with a preference for muted, earthy tones. Mustard yellow, mauve pink, browns or khaki, dark blue, hunter green, and dark reds/oranges work well together.
  6. Make It Your Own: This session is all about you and your family. Ensure your personality shines through in every aspect, making the experience uniquely yours.

Coordinating outfits for a family can be simplified by starting with one key outfit. Personally, when organizing our family photos, I often plan the entire wardrobe around my own outfit. Begin with this central piece and draw inspiration from its color palette and style when selecting other outfits. Stick to a consistent base of neutrals and creatively integrate pops of color in varying ways across the other outfits.

What to Avoid

For kid(s):

  • Steer clear of clothing featuring characters. While Paw Patrol or Ninja Turtles may be their top choices, it's best to avoid logos, images, or graphics. Despite the shirt being a favorite, such elements can pose a significant distraction in the overall photos.
  • It's essential that their clothing allows for easy movement.

For you and/or spouse:

  • Neon colors: Reject the idea of hot pink and lime green.
  • Oversized logos: Shirts with large logos can divert attention from your lovely faces. Just decline them.

For everyone:

  • Matchy-matchy: While matching outfits may be adorable, they can come across as repetitive and, dare I say, dull. Embracing different colors, patterns, textures, and more is crucial to infuse interest and diversity into your family images.
  • Uncomfortable shoes.
  • Uncomfortable/itchy clothing material.
  • If wear socks, make sure they match!