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Alina Phillips



I'm happily married to an incredible man named Alex, and our love has brought us a precious daughter, Mia. Our little family is completed by our three furry companions: Geo, Kato, and Miles. I find joy in immersing myself in the soothing melodies of early 2000s R&B music, with an occasional country tune making its way into my playlist.

Where my passion is driven from...

My deep-rooted passion for photography is a gift passed down through my father's lineage. My grandparents founded a thriving photography business in Vietnam, which provided the main source of livelihood for our family during my upbringing. Witnessing the artistic talents of my family come to life in the photographs they captured, and the radiant smiles on our customers' faces, was nothing short of amazing. Which now led me to pursue the same career path! (read more about my family legacy below)

At the heart of my passion for photography lies the remarkable tale of my grandparents, visionaries who established a photography business in Vietnam. Their entrepreneurial spirit not only shaped the family's livelihood but also fostered a deep-seated love for the craft that would resonate through the years.

Displayed on the left is a photograph captured by my grandfather in 1996. It's worth noting that "Ngân" is not just a title of our family business; it's a direct reflection of my grandfather's name, adding a personalized touch to our creative haven.

The Ngân photography founded by my grandparents became a cornerstone of our family's prosperity, serving as the primary source of livelihood for our family. The bustling streets of Vietnam provided a dynamic backdrop for their lens, capturing the essence of life, celebrations, and the diverse of the local community. From intimate family portraits to documenting significant events, the studio became a hub for storytelling through photography.

Growing up I had a front-row seat to the artistic talents of my family coming to life. The darkroom was where magic happened as negatives transformed into vivid prints. Witnessing the dedication invested in each photograph left an indelible impression on my mind. I often traveled with my father to various cities in Vietnam to capture weddings and engagement photos. A photograph on the right immortalizes one such venture – a snapshot of my father and me standing beside a waterfall became the backdrop to our shared photographic adventures. These journeys not only broadened my horizons but deepened my appreciation for the artistry that transforms ordinary moments into timeless visual tales.

The true measure of our family's photographic legacy lay in the smiles of our customers. Whether it was the joy of a newlywed couple, the family portrait, or the excitement of a milestone celebration, our photographs became cherished memories frozen in time. It was in those moments that I understood the impact of visual storytelling and the power of a well-captured image.

Inspired by the legacy handed down through my family, I have chosen to embark on the same career path. I am eager to continue the tradition of capturing moments that transcend time. In pursuing photography, I am not only embracing a profession but carrying forward a heritage of visual storytelling that has shaped the very history of my family.





To be quite honest I don’t even know where to begin..from the very beginning, Alina was so compassionate and understanding of my story. When I reached out to her about the possible opportunity to work with her on my very first maternity shoot ever; I expressed my doubts about even getting them done, because my self journey through pregnancy hasn’t been like the highlights you see all over social media for new expecting moms. But after talking to her and mapping out our plan and the goal we wanted to achieve

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